About Mohawk Solid Rock

Hoping to find a community where you can be yourself?

Looking for a place where you can ask questions and delve into your faith?

Trying to figure out what to do with your life and why?

Wanting a place to connect with other Christians and grow in God?

Solid Rock is a place for everyone and anyone.

This is a campus ministry where any Mohawk College student can connect deeply, feel welcome, build friendships, ask questions, share their thoughts, and find community.

We welcome doubters and devotees, the confident and insecure, the hopeful and those who are hurting, the chatty and the shy, and anyone in between.

At Solid Rock we believe that everyone is a deeply loved, uniquely created, wonderfully designed child of God. We want to remind each other of that, and to walk alongside each other through the challenges and joys of life. We strive to share Christ’s message of grace and hope, to follow in his footsteps by serving others, and to grow in who God made us to be.

While we are a Christian ministry based on the teachings of Jesus and approach discussions from this angle, you don’t need to be a Christian or subscribe to any specific beliefs to join us.

Get in touch to connect and learn more!

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